SP Robotic Works


SP Robotic Works (SPRW) is a D2C (Direct to Consumer) Company in the EdTech founded by Sneha Priya and Pranavan S. The start-up offers Technology focused courses to children in the 7 to 16 age group along with kits in the areas of Robotics, Coding, Drones, AI, VR/AR and other Next Generation STEM and Coding technologies.

SPRW have built an AI based gamified learning platform called “SPARKY”. SPARKY is an Online intelligent learning platform that enables practical learning using hands-on experiments in personalized, seamless and interactive pedagogy with 3D Animations to engage students. The company uses its unique pedagogy of Learn, Build and Collaborate to engage its students and SPARKY guides every student individually providing a learning experience with rich animations, real-time concepts and interactive questions highlighting real-time progress of the students to help achieve a high course completion rate. It has designed reusable learning kits, enabling children to assemble, build algorithms and see their code in action through a robot or drone making it more interesting and fun. The learning happens online via their digitized content delivered through SPARKY in a personalized and fun way to each learner.

In addition to its online presence in 14 countries like Australia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, and Mauritius etc, the company has omnichannel presence through their STEM experience and collaboration centres, called SP Robotics “Maker Lab”, present at 75+ locations across 27 cities in India, making it India’s largest such network. Their partnership with market leaders such as Unity and DJI in each domain, adds credibility and ensure quality of content. Every course and kit is accredited by STEM.org, a US Based Accreditation firm. The company has been recognized with more than 35 awards.

For further details, please visit https://sproboticworks.com/