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PC Musthafa

Mr PC Musthafa has more than 22 years of experience across industries including IT, Banking and FMCG, both as a professional and as an entrepreneur.


Mr Musthafa, as the CEO of iD Fresh Food, is driving the dream of all 5 co-founders. The team vision of building a food company that made preservative-free, delicious, home cooked food is a successful reality in the form of iD Fresh Food in only 10 years! Quickly climbing the popularity charts with homemakers iD is a $100 Million brand with its footprint in South, East of India and UAE.


Mr Musthafa has been able to successfully complete two rounds of fund raising for his company, iD Fresh Food from top Private Equity funds in India - Helion Ventures and Premji Invest, having raised a total amount of about $30 million which counts among the top private equity deals in India in the FMCG industry (in terms of value). His fund raising experience with the PE firms has given him a very valuable exposure from the promoters’ perspective to various aspects such as Deal Sourcing, Deal Evaluation, Deal Closure, Value Creation, Risk Management, Deal Monitoring and Exit.


Mr. Musthafa is an engineer of Computer Science from NIT and alumni of prestigious IIM-B. He spent a few years working with other organizations in India and abroad. He very soon quit to start iD along with his 5 childhood friends, one that transformed their idea into a business reality and also ensured financial independence to many from their hometown. iD Fresh Food was a perfect merger of social and business ambitions.


Born in Kerala, Musthafa loves to travel and explore. His work is his biggest passion. He has a keen eye for spotting trends and new innovations. He also enjoys sports. Calm, humble, well-travelled and impeccably well-mannered, Musthafa is a people's person. He strongly believes that there are no shortcuts to success and no substitution to hard work and also values the homemaker’s contribution to a household.


Mr. Musthafa has also been lauded with many prestigious awards like JCI national award, Vocational excellence award, Entrepreneur India award etc. to name a few.