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Mount Judi Ventures helps ethical businesses backed by ambitious and promising promoters to take their business to new heights in collaboration with individual and institutional investors who are interested to participate in the high growth story of new India. The general partners of the firm together have more than 100 years of experience including individuals with professional/entrepreneurial experience of handling/heading companies with market capitalization of Rs. 1000 crore+. This puts the company in a better position to move quickly and decisively to create value. They are supported by a professional investment team and industry experts, who help in evaluating the deals more comprehensively and thoroughly to make optimal investment decisions.


Value-add to investors:

Mount Judi Ventures enables individuals and institutions to participate in the high growth story of new India by investing in promising and ethical businesses.


The strong investment team is backed by elaborate systems and processes to ensure that each deal goes through a very stringent process of due diligence and deal selection. An ethical advisory board assists the team to ensure that at no point of time, any of the firm’s core ethical values are being compromised. The team works for the investors right from the deal selection stage to investment, monitoring and finally exiting the deal while sharing periodic updates with the investors on the status of their investments.


The fund will be using a unique mix of equity and debt structures for investments. The equity structure will be used to invest in promising new age businesses backed by strong business fundamentals where we can expect to get some healthy capital gains at the end of the investment tenure. The debt structure on the other hand, which will invest in mature businesses with annual revenue in the range of Rs. 50-100 crore, will be based on a periodic profit and loss sharing mechanism. These latter investments will ensure that the investors will keep earning a healthy income simultaneously. The combination enables the investor to participate in the high growth story of new age businesses in India while earning a steady income and diversification from profit and loss sharing investments in the established businesses with a well proven track record.


Value-add to businesses:

Mount Judi Ventures helps ethical businesses backed by ambitious and promising promoters to take their business to new heights without having to agree to any unfair or unethical terms from the investor in order to get access to the funds.


The fund offers a chance for new age businesses backed by professional promoters with strong fundamentals to find a long term pure equity partner (with no fixed liability clauses). To the established businesses, we offer a chance to get a long term source of funding on a profit and loss sharing mechanism without equity dilution and while avoiding fixed interest based transactions.


Apart from just the funding, we add value to the businesses in several other ways such as leveraging our network, resources and experience for the benefit of the portfolio company. We help the businesses to enhance their IT infrastructure including implementing management information systems and putting internal controls and performance review systems in place. To the businesses which are still in the early stage of expansion, we are happy to provide all the mentoring and support which is required. However, we respect our promoters taking discretion very seriously and exercise all care to not interfere in the day-to-day running of the business. We try to make as much contribution as we can at the policy and strategy level thus aiding our promoters in their quest to achieve our joint vision for the company. We agree on a mutually beneficial exit strategy and work together with the promoters on achieving it. All in all, the promoter runs the business and we are at their service.