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CH A Raheem

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CH A Raheem

CH A Raheem

Mr C. H. Abdul Raheem has more than 40 years of experience in the fields of finance, healthcare and investments with national and international business houses.


Mr Raheem was a founder director and member of Board of Directors of KIMS Healthcare Management Ltd., the largest healthcare company in Kerala. He was its Executive Director, Finance of  India and the GCC Operation until recently . He was responsible for charting out the financial strategies and growth plan of the KIMS Healthcare Group.


Mr Raheem, during his stint at KIMS, has been involved in private equity funding transactions  with some of the leading Private Equity funds in India - Ascent Capital, Orbimed and True North (former India Value Fund). His fund raising experience and especially his experience of providing highly successful exit for the first round of private equity investors through the largest private equity deal executed in the healthcare industry so far, has given him a very valuable exposure from the promoters’ perspective to various aspects such as Deal Sourcing, Deal Evaluation, Deal Closure, Value Creation, Risk Management, Deal Monitoring and Exit.


Mr Raheem’s international assignments include long term association with Saudi Petrochemicals Company (SADAF) Saudi Arabia, a joint venture between Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and Shell Oil Company of USA and with National Petrochemical Company ( Tasnee), the largest private sector petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia.   His experience also includes his work in the capacity of a Managing Director of a seafood exporting company, where the first IPO in the seafood industry was successfully launched by him.


He is a CA – Chartered Accountant by profession. He is also a member and office bearer of several educational, charitable and social organizations.